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FAQ Story adventure

1) Where can I pick up Story Adventure?
Find here the pick-up locations


2) I have booked, now what? 

Check here how to start Story Adventure and go to the pick-up location on the day you want with the payment confirmation, it contains the unique order number. 

3)  Can Story Adventure be sent?

At the moment we do not deliver, you can pick up your order at de pick-up locations

4 )Where is the starting location?

You can here find


5) Can I also come to you for children's parties? 

Yes! you can send us a mail send for the request of a children's party package. 

6) Is Story Adventure Corona-proof? 

Yes Story Adventure is completely Corona-proof. You play it with your own company in the open air. The actors are only present through the films. Our pick-up locations are also open. Follow the instructions of the staff regarding the Covid measures.

7) Can I order multiple maps?

This can be done in the webshop, by selecting the number of maps you book per family.

8) Payment is not possible via the website, what now?

Some browsers do not support the payment system. It always works via the mobile phone, so try it there first. Still not successful? Please contact us via whatsapp and we will try to help you. 

9) I am a company or organization that would like to know more. 

Nice! We'd love to hear from you. Contact us at de e-mail.

10) I really can't figure it out..

Then we have our Whatsapp Service via: 0616474410 our Storytellers are happy to help you! 



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