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Answers ExpeditionErmelo

Task 1:
Mission 1 =  1
900 (youth building)

Mission 2 = 4 leeuwen on the electricity house
Mission 3 =  out 2002 comes the Maxima tree

Exercise 2:
4church bells

Assignment 3:
10 lime trees

Assignment 4
Rebus outcome: Find the bookshop and write down the house number
House number of the bookshop = 131

Assignment 5
The number of windows of the station on the long side = 9 

Assignment 6
Giant Tree of Life =16 letters

Assignment 7: 
The last digit =

Number of peacocks: 

7peacocks on the expedition map

End code: 


Did you know that you can also go on Expedition in the following cities? On Story Adventure! 

Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Haarlem, Rotterdam and Breda 

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